Instrument lessons on YouTube

Instrument lessons on YouTube

Please watch these videos and practice.


Beginner Flute Lesson 1 – Opening the Case & Naming the Part:

Beginner Flute Lesson 2 – How to Make a Sound! (embouchure, band face, head joint):

Beginner Flute Lesson 3 – How to Put the Flute Together:

Beginner Flute Lesson 4 – How to Hold the Flute:

Beginner Flute Lesson 5 – First Note! D:

Beginner Flute Lesson 6 – New Note (Eb) & Shark Attack!:

Beginner Flute Lesson 7 – How to Play C:



Clarinet Beginner Lesson 2.1 – Assembling the Mouthpiece, Barrel, and Reed:

Beginner Clarinet Lesson 2.2 – How to make a sound! (embouchure, band face, and first sound):

Clarinet Beginner Lesson 3 – How to put together (assemble) the clarinet:

Beginner Clarinet Lesson – The First Three Notes:

Clarinet – The 5-Note Scale (C D E F G):

How to Play High Notes on Clarinet in Two Easy Steps! (Part 1):

How to Play High Notes on Clarinet in Two Easy Steps! (Part 2):


Alto Sax Beginner Lesson 1 – Opening the Case, Naming the Part:

Alto Sax Beginner Lesson 2 – How to Assemble Mouthpiece, Reed, and Neck:


Beginner Trumpet Lesson 1 – Opening the Case!:

Beginner Trumpet Lesson 2 – The Parts of the Trumpet:

Beginner Trumpet Lesson 3 – Making your FIRST SOUND (Band Face, Buzzing):

Improve your Trumpet Sound! The Basics of BUZZING the Mouthpiece:

Beginning Trumpet – Buzzing Exercise 1:

Beginning Trumpet – Playing on the Trumpet:

Trumpet – C Scale:



Trombone Lesson 1: Assembly, Disassembly, & How to Hold:

Trombone Lesson 2: First Sounds:

Trombone Lesson 3: Learning the Slide:

Trombone Lesson 4: B-flat & F:

Trombone Lesson 5: Tonguing:

Trombone Lesson 7: First Five Notes (F, E-flat, D, C, B-flat):


Euphonium – Tonguing Exercises:


One Step For Perfect Posture | Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba:

Tonguing Well | Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba:


Percussion Lesson 1: The Basic Grip:

Percussion Lesson 2: The Stroke:

Percussion Lesson 3: 8 on a Hand:

Percussion Lesson 4: Buzz Strokes:

DPM – 2 – Beginning Snare Drum: Exercises:

Keyboard Percussion Lesson 1: The Grip & Stroke: